What is the New York Giants Plan at Quarterback?
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What is the New York Giants Plan at Quarterback?


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The most important position on the field in football is quarterback. The New York Giants clearly don’t have a great solution heading into next year but what could they do to better position themselves for the long term at quarterback? Let’s look at some things the Giants have done recently and what they may do very soon to address the most important position in football.


Is Daniel Jones Still the Answer?


After three seasons of average to below-average football, Daniel Jones had a “breakout” year in 2022. Jones threw for 15 touchdowns and just five interceptions with a career high 3,205 passing yards. He also showed he could be a threat running the ball with 708 rushing yards and seven touchdowns. Most importantly, he led the Giants to the playoffs, including a playoff win against the Minnesota Vikings.


The Giants felt that Jones had turned the corner and gave him a massive deal starting in the 2023 season. While this deal seemed like the Giants were locked into Jones for the long term with this four-year-$160-million contract, they actually have an out following the upcoming 2024 season.


We all know that Jones did not live up to this new contract in the 2023 season. He played just six games due to injury but was the worst he had ever been in his five years in the NFL. He threw just two touchdowns and six interceptions, and the Giants lost five of six games he played in 2023.


Other Quarterbacks from Last Year


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Tyrod Taylor has been in the league for over a decade and played 11 games for the Giants last year, however he was never seen as the long-term solution.


Tommy DeVito showed in spurts that he could win games but never really showed that “it factor” where you could see him being the franchise quarterback either. So, where does that leave the Giants at quarterback?


Future Plans


Next season it’s likely that Daniel Jones will start at quarterback and be given one more chance to show that he can be effective and win. If he fails, the immediate solution would probably be to give Drew Lock a chance who was recently signed this offseason.


Lock really hasn’t had a chance to play since the 2020 season. Still at just 27-years-old, he has a lot of potential in some people’s eyes. Lock was in a quarterback competition with Geno Smith last year in Seattle and could win the job or take it from Daniel Jones this year.


The other possibility is to draft a quarterback this April in a quarterback-heavy draft. New York does have the sixth-overall pick that they could use to grab one of the top guys. It’s possible that four quarterbacks are taken in the top four picks but if one falls to the Giants they could look to draft their quarterback of the future at pick six.


By Jack Stradley, I’m a sports writer always looking for a gripping story and a hot take.

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