The Central Observer’s mission is to sustain itself as a trusted, central outlet for news, information and entertainment, but it takes more than membership fees and ad revenue to cover the costs if what is needed to keep bringing you coverage that makes impact, or growing what we can offer readers, including our reach.

Your generous contributions* to The Central Observer will help us:

  • Support our short and long term mission
  • Hire more reporters and cover more news
  • Launch new programs or channels including introducing mix of multimedia 
  • Sustain local and traditional journalism
  • Encourage the professional field of journalism, writing and creativity
  • Support The Central Observer’s non-profit and civic organizations that could not otherwise advertise community events
  • Improve our website and give you the best online experience

*The Central Observer is NOT a non-profit, so contributions are not tax-deductible.

The Central Observer is an independent news organization. Like advertisers, members will have no input or involvement in editorial content or coverage. The only influence members have is enabling The Central Observer to continue pursuing quality news reporting and offering an important resource to the community.

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