The Nun II Holds Onto Number One Spot in a Truly Horrifying Week for the Box Office
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The Nun II Holds Onto Number One Spot in a Truly Horrifying Week for the Box Office

Welcome to another weekly installment of Couch Potato, where I go over what went down on the big and small screens so you can be a better-informed viewer.

The real terror was in the box office’s performance this week, as The Nun II held onto first place in its second weekend as (technically) two new movies debuted in theaters to the sound of crickets instead of cash registers. The Nun II had a decent second-week hold with a 55% drop, earning an additional $14.7 million this weekend. Falling just behind that, A Haunting in Venice debuted with a measly $14.5 million, which places the only real mystery behind that movie on whether it can even hope to make its money back. Finally, rounding out this week’s particular bleak “Top of the Top 10” was The Equalizer 3, adding another $7.2 million to its total with at least an impressive 40% drop. Dumb Money, which, to its credit, only had a limited release last weekend, suffered a really bad per-theater average at only $27k per theater for a total of $217k. This doesn’t exactly paint the most optimistic picture for its upcoming wide release. 

In some brighter news, Barbie has officially passed The Avengers to take the 11th spot on the All-Time Domestic chart and Avengers: Age of Ultron to take 14th place on the All-Time Worldwide chart. Its domestic total currently sits at $626.1 million, and its global total is $1.416 billion. Meanwhile, Oppenheimer has crossed the $900 million mark globally, which is an incredible accomplishment as it has officially become the most successful biopic of all time at the box office, surpassing Bohemian Rhapsody.

When it comes to streaming, we finally have some fresh additions to the “Top of the Top 10” as You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah was the only one of the original trio to not only hold on but do so in first place. This week, it held onto the number one spot with an additional 8.8 million views, continuing the impressive run for Adam Sandler’s daughter. Meanwhile, the choose-your-own-adventure style romantic comedy, Choose Love, is getting plenty of hate clicks it seems, as it came in second place this week with 7 million views. Finally, rounding out the “Top of the Top 10” was The Croods, which has been sitting somewhere in the top 10 for six weeks according to Netflix’s charts, only just now climbing its way up to the “Top of the Top 10” with 4.2 million views. 

Over in the shows category, One Piece has officially had its first full week, and the numbers are in. It’s overwhelmingly sitting at number one, with a whopping 145 million hours viewed in its second week on the charts. This places it at more than double the second-place show, Virgin River, which had 65 million hours in the debut of its most recent season. Finally, rounding out the “Top of the Top 10” is Who is Erin Carter?, which continues to post strong numbers this long into its run by adding another 40 million hours viewed to its total. 

Next week, I’ll be keeping my eyes on if Expend4bles can change the box office’s bleak outlook or not. 

Stay tuned for that, and until next time, happy viewing!


Special to The Central Observer, Elton Allen

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