Opinion: Why I am running as an Independent for Edison Township Council November 7th
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Councilwoman Joyce Ship-Freeman

(running as an independent)

The reason I am running for re-election as Edison Township Councilwoman is because of the lack of women representation to make decisions about our future. Furthermore, it seems like the hands of the clock are going backwards in Edison Township and the state of New Jersey.

Also, decisions that are being made are putting the residents in jeopardy. We have serious water and sewer problems , but we keep kicking the can down the street. Eleven thousand Edison water recipients might have their water sold to the highest bidder because of the lack of fiscal responsibility in our administration. Over Eighty One million in bonds have been approved by the Mayor’s select council members. These bonds with interest will be spread out over fifteen years at between 4-6% interest. We have not added the water and sewer bill which will start at two hundred million. Maybe you can afford it but I can’t. We are spending money on big parties. Wasteful spending is what we do best.Everyone thinks grants are paying for this new stuff, believe me it is not true. Buying votes around town to unsuspecting residents saddens me. They are being mislead by his expensive media department. (If you control the message you can control most people).

Please pay close attention to who you vote for. Republicans, Democrats and Independents when you cast your vote think of voting for someone who is driven by serving the people and being fiscally responsible with your tax money.

In Conclusion, this town has turned into an urban city with all the overdevelopment and school overcrowding. I heard more Amazons are coming to town. The new name of this town will probably be Amazon city. This beautiful town I grew up in is being destroyed right in front of my eyes.

Save what we have left! Vote Independent Joyce Ship-Freeman Column C.


Councilwoman Joyce Ship-Freeman

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