Opinion: What you need to know about Edison
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What you need to know about Edison

Normally I don’t write for news media outlets because they tend to sometimes twist the story. I
am so troubled that I have to watch reporters of media events gravitate to Edison’s ongoing
“circus of media events”

Here are some key issues about the Mayor’s performance:

We’re “seeing” this disingenuous Mayor, with the help of the county “promote” all his ridiculous
talking points to grab the attention of major media outlets to further his career and silence those
who get in his way of his mediocre rise to the top of Jersey politics. Listening to him scream
about harsher penalties for juveniles and immigration talking points.

I find it strange that he doesn’t think the youth of Edison on the North side deserve any real
recreation or any opportunity that would give them an outlet to deter criminal activities. Of
course the seniors should be able to enjoy the building in the daytime while students are in

Where are the programs for the youth of North Edison? My mother and I ran a tutorial program
from 3-6pm every day at the Minnie B. Veal center for 25 years.Honor students from JPStevens
and students who needed community service recognition volunteered their time to support the
program.Sports, such as tennis and basketball programs were going on at the same time.They
were filled to capacity. We had to open up every room in the center to gain extra space.Dozens
of teen and youth programs were in the building. Students had access to scholarships and entry
into prestigious colleges. After graduation some returned to the community to participate in
service to the community.

A very disrespectful Mayor doesn’t know the legacy of Minnie B. Veal doesn’t care to know. She
was my first female mentor. This leader was highly educated and respected by all. She did
volunteer work at the JFK hospital. She did so much, I will not attempt to write her biography.
I am just so disappointed in the leadership that ignores children while pandering to the wealthy
and special interests’ groups. The mayor would rather spend time looking for properties for
cannabis shops for the sake of extra dollars, rather than enhancing recreational facilities on the
North side of town.


Sincerely disappointed in the wrong priorities that this administration is wrongfully focused on.

Joyce Ship-Freeman

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