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October 2023 Monthly Astrology Forecast – The Central Observer
October 2023 Monthly Astrology Forecast
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October 2023 Astrology Breakdown

Key dates
10/4 — Mercury enters Libra
10/8 — Venus enters Virgo
10/10 — Pluto goes direct in Capricorn
10/11 — Mars enters Scorpio
10/14 — New moon solar eclipse in Libra
10/21 — Mercury enters Scorpio
10/23 — Sun enters Scorpio
10/28 — Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus

Autumn is officially here, which means that Libra season is in full effect — so you’ll want to make sure
you fully charge your social battery. Expect the next couple of weeks to be booked with appointments,
plans with friends, and rendezvous with a lover. Until the sun moves into alluring Scorpio on Oct. 21,
the lavish air sign inspires us to see things from all points of view. The need to be diplomatic is
pertinent now, especially as Mercury moves into the air sign on Oct. 4.

While your head may be in the clouds with romance, you’ll likely gain a more practical perspective
when it comes to matters of the heart once Venus, the planet of love, moves into the pragmatic earth
sign Virgo on Oct. 8. However, this is a great time to review and assess your the quality of your
relationships — along with your own health and wellbeing — and make changes that will help you
closer align with your romantic, financial, and health goals.

After a long retrograde, Pluto officially goes direct in Capricorn on Oct. 10, prompting us to apply the
lessons we’ve learned for the past ten years or so. The generational planet Pluto is considered the planet
of fate, which means that facing karma — in this case, Capricornian matters such as finances,
reputation, and work ethic — is inevitable right now. Don’t worry if the pressure of this transit
prompts a rude awakening because Mars, the planet that controls our temper and drive, switches gears
into Scorpio on Oct. 11, which totally activates hermit mode. For the next few weeks, it’s a good time
to be extra private and conservative with your emotional energy.

Things get a little wonky in our relationships during the new moon solar eclipse on Oct. 14, when the
moon enters Libra. Eclipses have a tendency to stir up intense revelations and are responsible for twists
of fate. This specific lunation is focused on bringing major developments when it comes to our
relationships, but rest assured that what’s being revealed to you right now is meant to be.
The veil between your heart and mind may become a little fuzzy when the idea planet Mercury makes
its way into Scorpio territory. Intuitive Scorpio has a tendency to respond emotionally, so while
Mercury is in this elusive water sign it’ll be important to find a balance between your emotional triggers
and the fact of the matter. On the other hand, it could be mutually beneficial to lean into the
supernatural right now and connect with the Universe — whether through meditation, prayer, or
moon bathing.

As the sun moves out of Libra on Oct. 23, the coming of Scorpio season is about turning into ourselves
and connecting with the personal inner world inside of us. That means listening to your emotions,
summoning up deep wounds, and releasing all of the burdens that keep you from fully stepping into
your power. Scorpio is all about gaining control and forgetting the rest. Closing out the month is the
lunar eclipse in hedonistic Taurus, which arrives on Oct. 28. This is an especially important time to
evaluate your financial habits and sense of self-worth as this lunation is known to cause changes and
shockwaves in these areas. While October’s astrology is turbulent, to say the least, ultimately, it opens
up a much-needed opportunity to pull inward and let go of what’s keeping us from going forward.


By Brittany Beringer

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